8 online Businesses you can start immediately.

Online business hEveryone would love to have an extra income with less or no effort, and from the other hand, many people want to have their privet business and/or have a sort of financial independence, but the fact is it’s not an easy thing now days. Becoming an entrepreneur or starting a classical startup is held with lots of risk, commitments and require financial capabilities depending on the nature of business and the economical situation.

Now days most of us like to play wisely and fly below the radar of hazard. Thanks to today’s technology and the internet, it’s becoming an easy task to start your own business or a side job online almost free and with a few clicks.

I’m giving you 8 online businesses you can start online beside your day job:


It’s the best way to use your skills and/or profession to gain Extra few Bucks, There is lots of websites out there that connects freelancers with projects owners and employers. Register at one of these websites, build your profile, show your skills and start bidding for projects. You can start by checking freelancer.com and odesk.com

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is based on the Idea of promoting other people’s products and services using your website, Blog, email list or even your social networks accounts and get paid. Product owners and service providers are usually looking for promoters and online marketers to help them sell their stuff, and they are willing to pay a considerable percentage in return. This is one of the easiest methods and I know many people who managed to gain a good fortune from this. I’m going to write a detailed tutorial about how to become an Affiliate Marketer soon. Clickbank.com is a well known resource of affiliate marketing and a great place to start, along with amazon.com affiliate program.

Domain Flipper

Buying and Selling Domain names  is  a nice business, it needs a small capital to start, and a good sense to know what names are good plus some knowledge regarding domain history. There are many written articles on how to choose a good domain and how to market your domains. In my opinion every domain flipper has his/her own way, but the most important factor is to check the domain name history before buying it. My best websites are Flippa because it’s users friendly  not to forget to mention godaddy.com  and its famous platform

Own an Online store

If you have a product/or service you can sell them online independently  all you need to have is an online front end “online store” and payment gateway, and you can start receiving requests and purchasing orders. eBay gives a great experience on online trading. Use shopify to sell on facebook. Or you can leave all this and start your own online store.

Offer micro-services (Gigs)

Another way of freelancing, it’s a different model of freelancing and a simpler way that’s why I’m considering it as a separate way of making a side business. You can offer your skills and services in a small packages “called gigs” for small amount of money, considering Fiverr.com in which all services beginning at the cost of $5 “That’s where the name came from”

Web designer

This one require some skills, if you know about web designing, some HTML and web hosting this can be a good side job, especially with the existence of tools that makes this job an easy task such as CMS and WYSIWYG Programs

Educator – Trainer

Do you consider yourself a professional in your field? Do you have the skill to train and educate people about it? If so then you can record lessons and classes and sell them online. Udemy.com provides online courses on different types of subjects such as; languages, designing, business, health and life style and music.


Blogging..! It’s a never ending web activity, although the cyber space is becoming full with bloggers from all around the globe writing and talking about almost everything, still blogging is attracting more and more people every day. You can start your own blog; write about things you know or things you like you and engage with many people, you can make money through advertising on your blog, when you become a well know blogger you can offer your blogging services for money. It’s better to start with your own blog site.


There is more Ideas for online jobs but these are the simplest in my humble opinion what do you think? In the near future I’ll write about each and every one of these ideas in more details providing some guidelines on how to start and how to drive your growth.